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Recent reviews
Garry Tate
I rented a car for New Year. Everything is clear, the car is in good condition. Highly recommend
Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class 250 AMG 45 Body Kit Red 2021
Chester Flowers
I really liked the rental, the guys did a great job organizing everything quickly, picking up the car quickly and, most importantly for my case, returning took almost no time.
Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class 250 Grey 2022
Grant Boone
Great car for a good price. No hidden fees. Love this company.
Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class 250 White 2021
Ralf Merritt
Great service. Clear car, on time delivery
Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Grey 2021
Juan Gill
The car was driven right to the airport. The salon was clean and equipped with all amenities. Overall, we have a good impression of the cooperation. On the next arrival, we will definitely use the services of this company.
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Black 2021
Benedict Sullivan
This was our first time renting a car for a long period of time. We had our doubts, but everything went well. The documents were processed quickly and the deposit was returned upon return. Next time we'll come here
Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class 350 White 2021
Maximilian Morris
Good and clean car! No hidden terms in the agreement. On-time delivery. 10 of 10.
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Black 2022

Rent Mercedes in Dubai and experience the joy of navigating the city at your own pace. Choose from our diverse range of Mercedes cars that perfectly suit your preferences. Whether you're a tourist eager to explore or a business professional on the go, Mercedes proves to be an excellent choice. From the iconic skyline to remote places, Rent Cars simplifies the rental process, offering easy tips on booking, driving, and making the most of your adventure.


Here you can find some of the most popular models, including Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Mercedes-Benz EQS 580, and powerful Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. Our website offers a selection of over 100+ Mercedes models, ensuring you choose the perfect ride for your Dubai adventure.


Why Rent a Mercedes in Dubai

Release the essence of renting Mercedes in Dubai. Known for its dynamic performance and a classy design, Mercedes offers an unrivaled driving experience in the heart of the city.


  • Efficiency Matters: Mercedes vehicles are famous for their powerful and responsive engines, providing a dynamic and exhilarating driving experience. The brand's commitment to performance is reflected in their high-performance AMG models, which offer unparalleled speed and agility.

  • Luxurious Design: Mercedes vehicles are celebrated for their timeless and elegant design. From sleek sedans to powerful SUVs, each model reflects a commitment to aesthetic excellence, incorporating premium materials and attention to details in craftsmanship.

  • Adaptable Adventure: This versatile vehicle seamlessly combines luxury with functionality, making it an ideal companion for both city exploration and off-road adventures. Engineered with precision, its specialized suspension system ensures a smooth ride on any terrain, while the powerful engine underscores Mercedes-Benz's commitment to performance and efficiency. 

  • Safety Assurance: Mercedes-Benz prioritizes safety, incorporating a comprehensive array of safety features in their vehicles. From advanced driver-assistance systems to robust structural designs, Mercedes cars aim to provide a secure driving environment.


Variety of Mercedes Models Available

The diverse range of available Mercedes models offers an exceptional experience tailored to various preferences and budgets. Indulge in the luxury and performance of renowned vehicles like Mercedes E-Class or Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class. Our selection surpasses ordinary choices, presenting you with an extensive array of options to suit your desires.


Understanding that each driver is unique, Rent Cars provides a multitude of Mercedes models, appropriate to every pocket, offering you the ideal car for your budget. For instance, some cars are more budget-friendly, like Mercedes-Benz C-Class or Mercedes-Benz AMG GT achieved through smaller engine capacities, simpler features, and so on. If you're looking for a more economical option, our selection has got you covered. These cars provide an excellent balance of affordability and functionality, making them an ideal choice for those careful of their budget.


For clients with a more generous budget, our website showcases premium models like Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Mercedes-Benz G-Class or Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class that satisfy diverse preferences. Whether you desire a car with advanced features, superior performance, or luxurious interiors, Rent Cars offers premium choices that elevate your driving experience.


Flexible Rental Options

Our online car rental service offers superfine vehicles at reasonable prices. The longer you choose to rent a car, the more cost-effective the rental amount becomes. On Rent Cars you can rent Mercedes starting from AED 200 per day.

Experience the ease of signing the agreement just once and then simply enjoying your journey. Choose the vehicle that suits your needs by using our user-friendly filters – specify your requirements and make your selection. If you find it challenging to decide on a specific car model, our team of managers can help you,  just phone us or click on our website's request form. We'll process your request fast and get back to you.

Our application process is swift and straightforward, allowing you to make your rental journey comfortably. Check the specific rental conditions on the car's page to ensure that your rental experience matches perfectly with your preferences and requirements.


Navigating Dubai in Mercedes 

Exploring Dubai is easy with Mercedes car, guaranteeing memorable experiences at your own pace. Here are simple tips for maximizing your journey and enjoying the city's top attractions. With your Mercedes, freely explore Dubai's landmarks like the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. No need to rush or stick to public transportation schedules. Whether you're heading to the iconic Palm Jumeirah or seeking adventures in the desert, Mercedes cars provide the convenience of travel tailored to your preferences. Having a car is convenient, allowing quick movement between attractions.


Booking Your Mercedes

Booking Mercedes car is easy with our simple online process. Follow these easy steps to reserve your dream luxury car on Rent Cars:

  • Visit our website: Open your internet browser and go to Rent Cars.

  • Navigate to the catalog: Look for the "catalog" button at the top of the website and click on it. You'll then be prompted to choose the country where you want to rent a car. Select the UAE and then Dubai.

  • Explore the catalog: You'll see a catalog of all available cars for rent in Dubai. Use filters to find the perfect Mercedes. Once you've made your choice, go to the page of the selected car, choose your booking dates.

  • Fill in your details: Provide your personal information, including your full name, date of birth, email, and phone number. You can also specify your preferred messenger for convenient communication regarding your car rental, such as Telegram, WhatsApp, or Viber.

  • Confirmation: After completing these steps, our managers will get in touch with you to finalize the car reservation.


1. Why should I rent Mercedes in Dubai?
Renting Mercedes in Dubai provides a luxurious and stylish experience, combining modern technology, powerful performance, and iconic design. It's an ideal choice for those who seek comfort, prestige, and a standout driving experience in the cityscape of Dubai.
3. Are there budget-friendly Mercedes options available?
Yes, we offer affordable options such as the Mercedes-Benz C-Class or Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class.These cars provide an excellent balance of affordability and functionality, making them ideal for those who are budget-conscious.
5. What models of Mercedes are available for rent?
Our fleet includes popular models such as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 and the powerful Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. With over 100 Mercedes models, you have a wide choice to suit every taste and budget.
2. What makes Mercedes an efficient choice for exploring Dubai?
Mercedes seamlessly combines power and fuel efficiency, allowing you to cover more ground without frequent stops, perfect for exploring Dubai's diverse terrain. The adaptability of Mercedes models, especially those equipped with advanced suspension systems, ensures optimal comfort whether navigating urban streets or venturing into desert terrains.
4. What are the most popular models for rent in Dubai?
Some of the most frequently rented Mercedes models are E-Class, EQS 580, AMG GT.
6. What sets Mercedes apart from others in terms of safety?
Mercedes-Benz distinguishes itself in terms of safety by integrating advanced technologies and engineering innovations. Pre-Safe, an innovative feature, takes proactive measures before a collision to help protect occupants.
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