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Jetour X70 Black 2023

Jetour X70 Black 2023

From AED 160/day
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Lewis Anthony
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In the midst of travel, this is the only company that found a car within an hour, prepared it and issued a fresh one.
Jetour X70 Black 2023

Jetour is a luxury car brand for traveling. It appeared in response to current trends and changes in consumer demand. Traveling is an important component of the modern lifestyle. Jetour has developed a Travel+ strategy. The brand offers reasonable solutions for active travel.

The brand name consists of a words combination JET ("jet plane") and TOUR ("journey"). It implies that traveling by car can be as pleasant and extremely comfortable as flying on a private jet.

Jetour is for people who work hard and achieve their goals, opening new horizons, finding a happy life. The brand's clients are people who do not tolerate compromise. They believe that perfection is achieved by action, not expectation. Every day they explore something new, challenge any difficulties to achieve a better tomorrow.


Why rent Jetour?



The design and Jetour’s body style stand out from the competitors. The high level of aesthetics gives this car an attractive appearance. There are a lot of innovative elements in the design: LED lighting, dynamic body elements.



The spacious interior provides freedom for passengers. It’s legroom and comfortable seats add enjoyment to the ride. Family trips and long-distance travel become more convenient due to the large trunk and folding of the rear seats to increase cargo space.



Jetour is equipped with a touchscreen with a safety system and a driver assistance system. Adaptive cruise control provides a high level of comfort. Owners of Jetour appreciate driver assistance systems: automatic parking, driving in difficult road conditions and collision warning. Technologies contribute to fuel economy − a great advantage due to rising fuel prices.


Why choose Rent.Cars?

In Rent.Cars we firmly believe that the key to success is to offer excellent quality for your money and needs. We strive to create a special car rental experience by providing a wide range of the latest car collections at the most competitive prices. Our team is able to effectively meet any of your requirements.


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Our specialists are online around the clock. They will help you to choose a car for your needs, answer your questions about the rental terms or the deposit.


Flexible options

Transparency is the main value of Rent.Cars. First of all, you can search a car and compare it online with other offers. Then you can choose the best variant for your preferences, book it and ride.


Wide choice of cars

Our company offers luxury, sports, economy, electric, SUV, VAN and other cars for every request. You can choose any for your work or traveling, for romantic trip or for a big family with children.


Rent Jetour in Dubai for the best price

Rent Jetour X70 Black, 2023, is available for booking in Dubai in Rent.Cars. We offer the best price for this model – $67 per day. A deposit will be $413. And you shouldn’t pay for anything more.

The price for each day will be lower if you book for a longer period. For example, if you need Jetour for 16 days or more, the price for a day will be $45. 250 km/day are included in this price. 

This car model has 7 seats, it means that  even a big family will feel comfortable in it.

For booking Jetour a driver's minimum age should be 23 and a minimum driving experience should be 1 year.


Book Jetour in Dubai

For renting Jetour you should choose appropriate dates, a city, and a car model and click “Book”. In some cases, you need make a deposit. It can be used for paying fines for traffic or parking violations.

A passport and a driving license are required for renting Jetour. It’s a standard document set for this type of service. Any car can be delivered to your hotel or to the airport. It’s necessary to write it in a booking form.

Rent.Cars is the best variant if you want to book an automobile of good condition for the best price. Renting a car can be stressful, but with our help, you won't worry about anything. We work together with you to understand your requirements and provide the most effective solutions.


1. How can I book a car?
Select the rental dates and city where you need a car, choose your car and then click "Book now".
3. What are necessary steps for renting a car?
For renting a car you should book it online, pay for it and make a deposit, provide documents and it’s ready to be driven.
2. What documents are required?
The basic necessary documents for renting a car in all countries are passport, driving licence.
4. Do you give any guarantees for receiving a booked car?
If you book a car for free dates and honor all the terms, we guarantee that you will receive a car in a best way. Rent.Cars cares about you and make car rental smooth and transparent. If you are looking for the latest and best car models, our company in Dubai has an exquisite collection of cars from leading automotive brands. Our team offers best-in-class cars at the best prices
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