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Agatha Smyth
rating star rating star rating star rating star rating star
My first experience - driving a Mustang convertible on vacation in Bali. The best part was the photoshoot there without the roof. Love it.
Dmitry Sokolov
rating star rating star rating star rating star rating star
Брал я в Дубае Шевроле Тахо на неделю. Доставили в аэропорт, машина в хорошем состоянии, пробег всего 12к. депозит вернули на карту, все ок.
Стоян Йорданов
rating star rating star rating star rating star rating star
Искаме да купим същата кола за себе си затоеа решихме да я наемем и да я тестваме. кола под наем в София. пътували всеки ден. хареса колата. ще си купим един зе себе си.
rating star rating star rating star rating star rating star
Gotta give props to Rent Cars for hooking me up with that Tesla Model 3 over the weekend. he electric speed was insane, it felt like I was living in the future. Like flying a spaceship, man. Tesla experience was fire – 10/10 🚗🔥If you wanna turn heads and stunt on the streets, hit up Rent Cars
rating star rating star rating star rating star rating star
During my recent business trip to Dubai, I opted to rent a Porsche for my daily commute between the hotel and the office. The car was amazing — total luxury vibes. Cruising through the streets of Dubai in that cool ride made my daily routine way more fun. I'd recommend it to anyone looking to add some style to their trip.
rating star rating star rating star rating star rating star
Yo, renting that Ferrari from Rent cars was straight-up fire! Cruisin' down the streets, feelin' like a boss lady. The process was smooth, and the whip was clean and mean. No hassle with the docs – just dropped my license, and I was good to roll. The delivery vibe was on point, and returning it was a breeze.
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1. How can I book a car?
Select the rental dates and city where you need a car, choose your car and then click "Book now".
3. What is a deposit and what is it for?
A deposit is needed in several cases. It can be used to pay the customer's fines for traffic and parking violations and driving on toll roads. The rental company also charges a deposit if the car is damaged due to the client's actions. In most cases, the insurance company will cover almost all damages if the customer has registered the accident at the traffic police.
5. Will I definitely receive the booked car?
We guarantee that you will receive your booked car. If the car becomes unavailable to rent for any reason, we will notify you and offer you a replacement car in the same class or higher.
2. What documents are required?
The basic necessary documents for renting a car in all countries are passport, driving licence.
4. Is it possible to deliver the car?
Yes, the car can be delivered to the address specified in the booking form. In most cases, our customers order delivery to the airport or hotel.
6. When is the deposit refunded?
It depends on the country, the company and the car. In some cases the deposit is refunded immediately upon return of the car, in other cases within 14 to 30 calendar days. You can see the detailed refund policy on the selected car page and during the booking process.

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