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Audi RS6 Grey 2023

Audi RS6 Grey 2023

From AED 2,130/day
Audi RS6 White 2022

Audi RS6 White 2022

From AED 2,130/day
Audi RS6 Grey 2022

Audi RS6 Grey 2022

From AED 2,130/day

Station wagons are roomy like SUVs and agile like sedans. They are also called estate cars or simply wagons. These category cars have a visibly longer body style and offer many options for seats and cargo. You can adapt a wagon the way you want by folding or removing seats based on your needs. Modern options come with advanced tech features and sleek designs. Rent station wagon in Dubai if you’re looking for a relaxed ride and a large luggage capacity.


Why Rent Station Wagon in Dubai?

Large Luggage Space: Station Wagons have a longer roofline and extended rear end. Such a design allows a bigger cargo capacity compared to sedans. Wagons ensure you’ll transport your luggage easily while arriving in Dubai, exploring the city, or shopping around. Due to the cars’ shape and low-loading lid, you can fit large items without doing math.

Functionality: With their versatile seating configurations and folding back seats, wagons offer exceptional functionality. This category of cars usually has outward-opening booth spaces and third-row seating. You can adjust the car to find the best option based on your driving needs. 

Performance: Based on sedans, station wagons have low ground clearance, which provides high performance, smooth handling, and effective speed transmissions. These cars are lighter and easy to drive. With different styles and features, many models are well-suited for city driving and off-roading.



Wagons are comfort-oriented. Most of the models offer a high number of luxury and advanced features like high-resolution touchscreens, connectivity, premium materials, and large cabin space. With their style and flexibility, wagons offer relaxed rides for a driver and passengers.


How to Rent Station Wagon in Dubai for the Best Price?

​​Are you looking for a station wagon for rent in Dubai at the best price? On Rent.Cars, you’ll find a large selection and lots of offers for daily, weekly and monthly rental needs. Rent.Cars is a car rental marketplace that connects you with trusted Dubai station wagon rental agencies. Here you can compare offers of the same model and select the best deal. An easy search process through the use of filters helps you sort out the right model for you and book in minutes. 


Different Types of Station Wagons to Choose From on Rent.Cars

There are plenty of practical and stylish wagon models in the market. On Rent.Cars you’ll find a growing collection of them for rent. One of the leading brands producing wagons is Audi. The German manufacturer offers beautiful and sporty wagons such as the popular Audi RS6. This high-performance model is a part of the Audi Sport division. It combines the practicality of a wagon with a sporty and aggressive design. RS6 is powered by a V8 engine that delivers exceptional horsepower. Audi's renowned Quattro all-wheel drive system is standard on the RS6, providing excellent traction and stability. Rent Audi RS6 in Dubai if you’re looking for an impressive style and practicality.


Why Rent Station Wagon in Dubai on Rent.Cars? 

Rent.Cars is your go-to place for a hustle-free station wagon rental in Dubai. The marketplace offers various benefits: 


Flexibility offers a great level of flexibility. Pick the terms and rental duration that meet your needs. Enter the delivery location and we’ll manage the process from documentation to delivery. 

Rent.Cars features the best deals from rental agencies in one place. Whether you plan to rent a station wagon in Dubai for a day, week or month, there are competitive offers on the platform for your needs. Prices are transparent and don’t include any hidden fees.


Professional support 

Rent.Cars staff members are professionals with decades of experience in the car market. If you’re uncertain what’s the right car or rental terms for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here 24/7, always happy to talk cars. 


Strict quality standards 

Every single car listed on Rent.Cars is checked carefully. We make sure they are in excellent condition and won’t cause you any trouble. Apart from the technical aspect, we guarantee they are well-maintained and will be delivered perfectly clean. 

How To Book a Station Wagon on Rent.Cars

Booking your station wagon through Rent.Cars is an easy and straightforward process with a minimum number of documents. Depending on your residency status, these include driver's license, ID, International Driving Permit, and visa. To book a car, there are just a few easy steps: 

  • Pick your model: Visit the Rent.Cars website, open the catalog, and select “Station Wagon” from the car categories. Browse different Station Wagon options from trusted rental companies. Use filters to narrow down your choice. 
  • Check out the requirements: View the requirements such as the driver’s minimum age and years of experience set by the Dubai station wagon rental company on the model’s page. Terms vary across offers. 
  • Book: Enter the details of the rental/delivery time, and place. Continue with completing the booking form by providing your contact information. At this point, no payment will be required. Send your request and we will contact you soon for details. 
  • Pick up your car: The car will be at the place and time we’ve agreed. Get the keys and enjoy your ride. 

Start your journey of comfort and versatility with our Station Wagon rentals. Book your car online without spending time and energy.

Prices for Station Wagon hiring in Dubai

Rent for 1 day Rent for 1 week Monthly rental deposit
Audi RS6 Grey 2022 AED 2130 AED 14910 AED 63900 AED 3010
Audi RS6 White 2022 AED 2130 AED 14910 AED 63900 AED 3010
Audi RS6 Grey 2023 AED 2130 AED 14910 AED 63900 AED 3010

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1. How to find a station wagon for rent in Dubai?
Search for the model you want on Rent.Cars using filters for price range, car category, and other factors. Feel free to contact us if you need expert recommendations.
3. Why choose Rent.Cars?
Rent.Cars offers tailored deals for each renter. Booking a car on the platform is simple, fast and affordable. Prices are transparent, and the available cars meet high-quality standards. We have earned the trust of customers from all over the world and become their number-one choice for car rental.
2. What documents do I need to rent a station wagon?
Based on your residency status, you may need a driver's license, credit card, ID, an international driving permit and visa.
4. How much does it cost to rent a station wagon on Rent.Cars?
Prices vary depending on the offers by car owners. Currently, you can rent luxury models from Audi starting from $586 per day.
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write to us, we will respond within 2 hours.