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Lexus IS300 Black 2022

Lexus IS300 Black 2022

From AED 183/day
Lexus IS300 White 2022

Lexus IS300 White 2022

From AED 210/day
Lexus ES250 Silver 2021

Lexus ES250 Silver 2021

From AED 210/day
Lexus LX600 White 2023

Lexus LX600 White 2023

From AED 600/day
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Franklin Pitts
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I really liked it - comfortable, stands confidently on the road, roomy
Lexus IS300 Black 2022

Lexus, Toyota’s luxury brand, holds a prominent position in the Dubai automotive market. Lexus cars are a common sight on the city roads. People rent Lexus in Dubai for long daily drives, business meetings, and city tours. 

Lexus  fans choose the brand for its reliability and class. For years, Lexus has ranked the highest in dependability. The cars stand out on the road and perform well. 


Why Rent Lexus in Dubai?

Lexus is instantly recognizable due to its look and build quality. The brand’s tagline “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection” describes its commitment to excellence. Renting Lexus in Dubai if you want to get many benefits in one car. 


Reliable Technology 


Lexus cars have all the features for a reliable and smooth ride. The brand constantly works to incorporate new technologies into its vehicles. Renting a Lexus model is always a safe bet as you will get intelligent drive control technology, excellent sound insulation, and a powerful engine.


Sleek Look 

Distinctive style is another thing Lexus stands out for. One of the most recognizable features of the brand is the spindle grille. This bold and aggressive grille design, shaped like an hourglass, has become a signature element across the Lexus lineup since 2011. Elements like sharp lines and smooth curves create a harmonious balance and sophisticated overall aesthetic. 


Luxurious Interior 

Lexus cars are just as attractive from the inside as from the outside. Cabins are designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience, with an emphasis on Japanese style craftsmanship and premium materials. Lexus cars have luxurious features, including highly adjustable seats and automatic climate control. Overall, the interiors are classy and well-equipped. 


Affordable Prices  

Providing style and comfort, Lexus still costs less than its rivals. Renting Lexus in Dubai you’ll get a reliable car at affordable prices. On top of that, models of the brand have an efficient fuel economy allowing you to save not only on the rental but also on fuel costs.


Why Choose Rent.Cars?

At Rent.Cars, you can rent Lexus models at simple terms. Prices are affordable, and each client receives an individual approach. 


Customized packages

Rent Lexus on Rent.Cars to be able to choose between different offers from car owners. Find terms tailored to your specific needs. 


Helpful customer support 

We help you manage all aspects of Lexus renting from choosing the right model and understanding the rental terms to ensuring accurate delivery. Contact us for any questions. We are available 24/7. 


Competitive offers 

Rent.Cars features offers from different car dealers. Find what you’re looking for, compare rental terms and go for the option most suitable for you. 


Lexus for Rent in Dubai - Popular Models at Rent.Cars

Rental Lexus cars are always in demand in Dubai. Each model is interesting on its own. Rent.Cars customers often rent Lexus SUVs or Lexus sedans for their value, look and reliability. Below are some of our most sought-after models: 


Lexus ES 250: Discover the charm of the Lexus ES 250, a classy car that mixes elegance with power. People love it for its roomy inside, fancy gadgets, and how dependable it is. Whether you're driving around the city or going on a long trip, this car feels fancy and smooth wherever you go.

Lexus IS300: Lexus IS300 is a compact luxury sedan. It's known for its combination of performance, comfort, high-quality materials, and affordability. Due to its small size, Lexus IS300 is easy to drive and park in a busy city like Dubai. 

Lexus LX600: Lexus LX600 is a luxury SUV. Lexus LX models are known for their combination of luxury features, off-road capabilities, and advanced technology. Attractive features of the model are its nice, 22-inch wheels, cozy interior and enhanced visibility due to the digital rear view mirror. 


Dubai Lexus Rental for the Best Price

Don’t know where to find a Lexus rental for the best price in Dubai? Explore different options and compare prices on Rent.Cars. Enter your desired price range to search for offers that meet your budget. Look through your options, and narrow down to the one that fits. We provide absolute transparency, so there won’t be any hidden fees or costs.  


How to Rent Lexus in Dubai

Rent Lexus in Dubai with 4 simple steps on Rent.Cars:  


Search for Lexus models: Look through Lexus models on our catalog. Click UAE, Dubai and select  “Lexus” from the brand options. 

Choose the one for you: Sort out the cars by using filters for price, category, color and other elements. Pick what model you want. 

Book the car: Enter the dates you need to receive and return the car. Complete a booking form. We will respond shortly after and guide you through the process. 

Pick up: We’ll deliver the Lexus to the agreed location. Pick up the keys and enjoy your ride. 


Drive on Dubai’s roads in a luxurious, stylish car. Book your Lexus on Rent.Cars today. Contact us with any questions at any hour. 


Prices for Lexus hiring in Dubai

Rent for 1 day Rent for 1 week Monthly rental deposit
Lexus IS300 Black 2022 AED 250 AED 1393 AED 5490 AED 2000
Lexus LX600 White 2023 AED 900 AED 6300 AED 18000 AED 3000
Lexus ES250 Silver 2021 AED 350 AED 2100 AED 6300 AED 1500
Lexus IS300 White 2022 AED 350 AED 2100 AED 6300 AED 1500

Popular Lexus models


1.What are the benefits of renting Lexus?
Lexus is an attractive choice for those seeking a premium driving experience. The brand provides a blend of luxury, comfort, style, reliability, performance, advanced features for good value.
3. Is renting Lexus popular in Dubai?
Lexus models are a popular choice for rent in Dubai. Among other benefits they offer advanced temperature systems to ensure perfect climate in the car.
2. What documents are needed to rent Lexus in Dubai?
To rent Lexus in Dubai as a visitor, you’ll need a passport, visit visa, home country driving license and an international driving permit. Locals will need a UAE Driving License and Emirates ID or Residential Visa.
4. How long can you rent Lexus in Dubai?
Rental durations can vary between rental agencies. At Rent.Cars you can rent your favorite Lexus model for as long as you want.
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